Patient Access App launches Covid-19 Vaccination Card

In response to the demand from patients for easy access to their COVID-19 vaccination status, we are pleased to let you know that today we have enabled a feature within Patient Access which makes it easier for patients to view their COVID-19 vaccination record from the home screen of the Patient Access app.

This new feature will automatically be visible for patients who have already had access to their detailed care record and immunisations enabled by their practice.

You can find out more about the new feature, including how to enable access for patients and other frequently asked questions here.

No Questions Asked Bag

During the Easter Holidays, the Church of the Good Shepherd will be providing ‘No Questions Asked Bags’, containing food essential items available for local families and individuals who turn up to collect them.

FOR FREE – no questions asked. Time: 10:00am – 12noon

Where: Church of the Good Shepherd, Sand Hill, GU14 8ER

When: Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th, and Monday 12th to Friday 16th April 2021 (excludes Bank Holidays and weekends).

This is a pilot project, and if it is well received and attended, we can explore similar outreach during the May half term and summer holidays.

The Larder will continue to deliver Food Parcels via referral on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons (07501 202546).

For more information, please contact Abbie Edwards, Pioneer Community Worker.
Phone: 07845175158

The Number 9 Bus Now Stops at Farnborough Centre for Health

Local Cllr Rod Cooper of Hampshire County Council has been instrumental in getting the funding for this route change and pushing it through the Hampshire County Council (HCC) approvals process.

We hope that this route change helps all the patients who use the Health Centre and who need to use a bus service.

HCC expect that as the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted that demand for public transport will increase and the frequency of services will be increased accordingly.


Changes to how we carry out your Long-Term Condition(s) Annual Review

Over the last year we have been making changes to the way we invite you for your annual review for any long term conditions you may have.

We will be inviting you during the month of your birth and will ask you to complete a-questionnaire for all your long term conditions via our website and ask you to book a blood test if appropriate for your condition.

Invitations will be sent via our messaging system (MJOG) as a text (sms) or by post.
If you have the MJOG smart phone app you will receive a notification through this app.
You will only be able to download the invitation via text if you have a smart phone.

Please complete our online questionnaire for each condition(s) as shown below using an internet ready device (smart phone, tablet, computer) via

If you do not have the ability to complete the questionnaire online, please contact us on 01252 545078 after 11am Monday to Friday, or submit a request via the General Enquiry form on our website and our Recall Team will send you a paper copy via the post. (

Please ensure you provide us with your height, weight, blood pressure, smoking and alcohol status for all reviews as this will not be done during a blood test appointment.


If you have one of the following long-term conditions, you will need to book a blood test:
When calling our Patient Services Team, please ensure you tell them what the blood test is for e.g. diabetes or hypertension

Diabetes – (Please bring a urine sample. Also requires a foot check)
Hypertension                                                         Learning Disability Health Checks
Mental Health                                                       Chronic Heart Disease
Pre-Diabetes                                                          Chronic Kidney Disease
Heart Failure (not AF)                                          Stroke/TIA
On Thyroxine

If you have one of the following conditions below you will also need to monitor your blood pressure (BP) for 7 days

Diabetes                                                 Chronic Heart Disease                                          Stroke/TIA                                              Hypertension
Heart Failure        

You can download a home blood pressure diary from our website which explains how to monitor your BP:

*Please note that our Clinicians are unable to complete your review(s) without the necessary blood test results and your completed questionnaire. Once we have received all relevant information you will be notified of the outcome via SMS or telephone*

If you do not wish to have an annual review for one or more long-term conditions, please let us know so we can mark your record as declined. You will be invited again the following year in your birth month.

The NHS is here for you

As you will have heard from the national announcements, early signs suggest the success of the vaccination programme is contributing to reducing numbers of patients in hospital with coronavirus. Due to effective social distancing, handwashing and the wearing of face masks, we are also seeing reports of community transmission of the virus reducing. This is very good news, but we must remain vigilant and continue to follow the national guidance.

Our GP surgery remains open and while you can still contact us by phone, we would encourage you to use other contact methods on this website to tell us more about your condition. This keeps the phone lines free for those who do not have internet access and who need to speak to us.

Initial consultations continue to be conducted over the phone or online, which enables us to assess patients for potential coronavirus. People will be invited to face-to-face appointments as necessary.

We are doing what we can to keep our patients and staff safe in this current climate. It is really important for us that our patients continue to look after their own health at home. We would like to remind patients with long term conditions, those with a health concern that is not going away, or symptoms that may be worrying you, to please get in touch.

Please follow our guidance on where to go when feeling unwell, especially for minor illnesses or conditions that can be dealt with by your local pharmacist. If you need advice over and above what your pharmacy can provide, you can use NHS 111 online NHS 111 online or call NHS111 if you do not have access to the internet.

Please remember, our staff have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times, so if you need to contact the practice please remember that any abuse of our staff will not be tolerated.

Thank you for supporting your general practice surgery at this time.

Where to go when you’re feeling unwell