IMPORTANT INFORMATION: How we use your data!

There have been recent articles in the press about the NHS sharing your data and having the option to opt-out by the 23rd August 2021

The data held in the GP medical records of patients is used every day to support health and care planning, and research in England to help find better treatments and improve patient outcomes for everyone.

NHS Digital has developed a new way to collect this data, called the General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection.

The new data collection reduces the burden on GP practices, allowing Doctors and other staff to focus on patient care.

For more information about Type1 opt-outs please click here

For information on other ways we use your data please click here

If you would like to stop your information being extracted on the 1st September 2021, please ensure you take action by 23rd August 2021

Please do not phone the surgery!

Covid Update May 2021

We are here to help

As we are still in the Covid pandemic, the NHS recommends that we triage or phone back every patient who wants advice from a nurse, doctor or other healthcare professional.

If you need medical advice or treatment, please ring us on 01252 545078
 or visit our website and send us your query
Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 08:30am – 18:30pm

We ask many of the patients we have telephoned, to then come to the surgery for a face-to-face appointment, but due to infection control measures and social distancing, we can only let patients into the surgery if they have a planned appointment.

We are keen, as we are sure you are too, to avoid transmission of infection and so to ensure social distancing we are closely monitoring how many patients are in our building including sitting in the waiting room. We need to take more precautions than shops etc due to the vulnerability of some of our patients.

We know that some of these measures are frustrating for you as they are for us.
We are facing unprecedented demands with a huge increase in the number of calls we are receiving and the need for us all to catch up with the monitoring of patients which was not possible in the height of the pandemic.

We all look forward to lockdown measures continuing to ease but in the meantime, many thanks for your patience and understanding


Dr Micklethwaite and Partners  


Rushmoor & Hart Supporting Families July 21 Newsletter

The aim of our Supporting Families e-Newsletters is to support all our organisations working to support Rushmoor and Hart children, young people and families. We will provide up to date information from services plus helpful resources. Please share it with anyone you think will find it useful.

The next newsletter will be in October ahead of the Autumn half-term. Anyone wanting to be added to the mailing list we have for the newsletter, both to receive any new editions and to get prompts for submitting articles, should contact


Newsletter 80 July 2021 – PDF version

Football for Mental Wellbeing

Venue: Aldershot Lido, Guildford Rd, Aldershot, GU12 4BP
(on the Astroturf Pitches)

Time: Every Thursday 1pm-2pm

Fun, casual drop-in football session for people
experiencing mental health problems. All abilities
welcome! This sessions takes place outdoors on the
astro-turf pitches.

This group is provided FREE by mental health charity Sport In Mind for
the benefit of local people. Your local representative is Laura

What are the differences between covid tests?

There are different tests you can get to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19). The test you need depends on why you’re getting tested.

The 2 main tests are:

PCR tests – mainly for people with symptoms, they’re sent to a lab to be checked

Rapid lateral flow tests – only for people who do not have symptoms, they give a result in 30 minutes using a device similar to a pregnancy test

Both tests are free.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19

Get a PCR test as soon as possible if you have any of these symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

You and anyone you live with should stay at home until you get your test result. Only leave your home to have a test.

Anyone in your childcare or support bubble should also stay at home if you have been in close contact with them since your symptoms started or during the 48 hours before they started.


GP appointment data shows practices are busier than they’ve ever been, says BMA

Responding to today’s NHS Appointments in General Practice data1, which shows that practices in England delivered 4.8 million more appointments in March than they did in February, BMA GP committee chair Dr Richard Vautrey, said:

“Today’s figures underline the immense efforts that practices are going to providing care to their communities and the intense workload pressures that staff are under as we continue to respond to the pandemic alongside patients’ wider health needs.

“Practices in England delivered almost 5 million more appointments in March than they did the month before, and nearly 3 million more than they did in the same month two years ago, long before the onset of the pandemic.

“GPs and their teams are consistently telling us they’re busier now than they have ever been, and this data – which does not include a large proportion of the vaccine programme undertaken by practices, nor a vast amount of other daily tasks – backs this up.

“Every day, more than a million patients in England had an appointment with their practices, whether this was the significant proportion seen face-to-face, on the phone, or, for a smaller number, via video call. This phenomenal amount and associated workload is before we consider the hundreds of thousands of other people being vaccinated via GP-led sites each day.

“And with too few GPs and practice nurses – and a promise in 2015 of 5,000 extra family doctors within five years actually delivering a loss of almost 1,5002 – individual doctors and other practice clinicians are taking on more and more as demand rises and the workforce diminishes.

“So for GPs working 11 or 12-hour days, often leading heroic efforts to protect as many people as possible in their communities against a disease that has had such a devastating impact on all of us, it is heart-breaking and completely demoralising to hear accusations that general practice is not open and that patients are not being seen.

“This narrative, categorically proven wrong by today’s data, is extremely damaging at a time when morale is already reaching rock bottom and many GPs, practice managers and others in the practice workforce are reaching breaking point.

“It may feel slightly different, with changes put in place for the protection of staff and patients alike, but general practice is open, and staff need support, patience and understanding as they work harder than ever before.”

Link to BMA article

Patient Access App launches Covid-19 Vaccination Card

In response to the demand from patients for easy access to their COVID-19 vaccination status, we are pleased to let you know that today we have enabled a feature within Patient Access which makes it easier for patients to view their COVID-19 vaccination record from the home screen of the Patient Access app.

This new feature will automatically be visible for patients who have already had access to their detailed care record and immunisations enabled by their practice.

You can find out more about the new feature, including how to enable access for patients and other frequently asked questions here.