COVID Information in Nepali

This downloadable leaflet will give you the following information:

  1. What is Covid-19 and its main symptoms?
  2. How is it transmitted?
  3. How to protect yourself and others from getting Covid-19?
  4. When to wear a mask?- use masks when using public transport, hospitals, shops and even if outside if it is difficult to keep 2m social distancing.
  5. How to stay healthy at home?- doing exercises, stop smoking and tobacco, eat balanced diet, take vit d tablets.
  6. When should you self isolate?- if you or someone in your household or someone you care for or someone who care for you is tested positive of Covid-19 or has symptoms of covid-19, if nhs track and trace contacts you and you have arrived from one of the high risk countries
  7. How to stay in isolation?- not to go outside of your home, letting fresh air in, exercising at home but shouldn’t go out, not to let anyone else in your house unless they are caring for you, not to use public transport, not to go to work.
  8. How long should you isolate for?-  10 days if you are tested positive or one of your household has symptoms of Covid-19 or you are contacted by nhs track and trace.
  9. How to protect yourself and your family if you get symptoms of covid-19?- to keep distance from other people at home and to stay in one room if possible, not using communal area like kitchen when other people are using it. Using separate toilet and towels if poss. And to sanitise the surfaces after touching them.
  10. How to look after yourself when self isolating at home? – Things you could do to help yourself if you have fever, cough and are struggling to breath like resting, taking paracetamol, drinking plenty of fluids, sleeping on your side, taking OTC meds to help with coughing, sitting in a chair with straight back and slowly breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
  11. What to do if your symptoms worsen or you become very ill?- gives info. of 111 and 999 if an emergency
  12. Can I get help when in isolation?- gives info. of NHS volunteer responder
  13. When should you book for covid-19 test?-says  to book within the first 8 days of showing any symptoms
  14. How can you book the test?- gives info about 119, website. Can go local test centre or can also order hometest kit
  15. What to do if I need to contact my GP?- says to contact them by econsult or telephone then they will advise you on what to do next
  16. Can I still attend hospital appointments?- yes if you have been offered one

Coronavirus information leaflets in Nepali