5.5.2020 – Telephone Calls from the National Shielding Helpline – is this a scam?

I have had a telephone call from somebody claiming to be from the National Shielding Helpline. How do I know this is not a scam?

While you are at home ‘shielding’ a government support service may contact you by letter, email or telephone. This team is contacting you to understand your food and wellbeing support needs and will always identify themselves with their name and as a representative of the National Shielding Helpline.
To give you confidence, the phone number they’re calling from will register on your phone as 0333 3050466. It is not a live telephone line, but if you call it you will get the following recorded message:
“You were called today by the Shielding Helpline, sorry that we missed you, there is no need to call us back as we will try again soon. Thank you goodbye”.
Early on in the call agents from this service will ask you to confirm some details, for example your name and NHS number, to make sure they are speaking to the right person. They will never ask you for information like your National Insurance number or bank details. Your local council may also be in touch.