Farnborough Centre for Health Update February 2020

Some patients were concerned about the travel time to the new Centre for Health and the lack of regular public transport to the site.

Detailed discussions have been held with public transport providers and local councils. A ‘Voyager shuttle bus’ has now been implemented (with the support of Rushmoor Voluntary Services) as an interim solution to help ferry patients between practice sites and a longer term public transport option is expected in Spring/Summer 2020.

The CCG were asked: Is there adequate consideration of accessibility requirements at the new site?

Local charity ‘Parity for disability’ were invited to tour the building and provide suggestions and feedback. The new building will benefit from improved access including electronic doors, patient lift, accessible toilets, hoist and bariatric facilities. More information available here.

Local charity Opensight (supporting people with visual impairments) have been involved with the design of signage for the building and following feedback from our CCG ‘Exploring our Engagement’ meeting we have now also made contact with ‘Rushmoor Healthy Living’, a local organisation that supports the local Nepali community to discuss how we can better involve them in the development of the building and the information for patients about additional services that will be available and the changes to the location of their surgeries.

Information correct as of 31.1.2020 from NEH&F CCG website