Child Health Clinics

Health Visitors – who are they?

A Health Visitor is a registered nurse or midwife who has completed a further degree in public health nursing to become a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse.

There is a team of Health Visitors and Community Nursery Nurses covering the Farnborough area.

Their aim is to enable both communities and individuals to keep in the best possible health. Health includes social and emotional aspects as well as physical wellbeing.

How to contact them

Health Visitors in this area are employed by and are responsible to Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Health Visitors:
Sarah Bickerton, Sarah Hill, Emma Richardson, Lynne Smith, Charlottee Timms, Zipporah Wangora, Sharon Hack, Rebecca Lobb

Community Nursery Nurses:
Georgina Nicholson, Natalie McGonigle, Kelly Scantlebury

Student Health Visitors:
Jennifer Potter and Marlene Read

Based At:
Southwood, Links Way, Farnborough, GU14 0NA

Chat Health Advice: Text 07520 615720
Appointments: Tel: 01252 533040 or Event Brite – Southwood Child Health Clinic:

Calls may go through to an answering machine during busy times or when the line is engaged. They will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible; this may be the next working day.

Please click the links below for useful information provided by the Health Visiting team: