GP Training

A Registrar will join the practice for a year (pro rata if part time).

He/she will have had a wide experience of hospital medicine, and the purpose of the training year is to experience the wide expression of medical conditions in the community and understand how patients deal with this.  At the end of this time the Registrar should be well-equipped to discern patients’ problems, manage them appropriately, and at the same time develop a rapport with the patient which facilitates a good outcome.

During the training year the Registrar will work alongside the other doctors, seeing patients in surgery, in clinics and on visits.  Besides having tutorials in the practice, he/she will attend courses (eg at Frimley Park Hospital), and gain further experience in wider aspects of medicine.  A requirement of training is to produce a videotape of recorded consultations (all made with the patient’s permission), so you may be asked if you mind this in future, and there is no problem if you decline. Most of our previous Registrars have gained the MRCGP qualification, with merits or distinction. From 2008 the new MRCGP exam is a mandatory requirement to become a GP in the UK.

To become a Training practice, Voyager Family Health has had to prove its worth with regard to its quality standards, to its general organisation, and to its commitment to keeping up to date and teaching.

We have a good close relationship with the Consultants and staff at Frimley Park Hospital.  Postgraduate meetings are held in the Conference Room once a month. The local Vocational Training Scheme is held at Frimley Park Hospital on Thursday afternoons.
The Frimley Trainers Group exists to foster educational excellence and provides support for trainers.  They meet about four times a year, and are in regular contact via Richard de Ferrars at the Frimley Green Medical Centre.

We also train medical students from St George’s Medical School in London. About 4 students per year join Voyager Family Health for 5 weeks each, experiencing all aspects of General practice, and will sit in with the GPs.  We may ask permission for a patient to discuss their problem with the student first.