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If you have any health concerns that you, family, friends or the pharmacy cannot deal with, please do not wait, please contact us

Due to the current COVID situation, it may take a little longer to answer your call.
We recommend where possible that you submit an eConsultation.
We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

The last 8 months have dramatically changed the way Primary Care Services are being delivered. Here is a summary of the way we are now working:

Voyager Family Health, run a total triage service. If a clinician determines there is a need for a face to face appointment, you will be booked into a relevant appointment slot. All other requests will be dealt with via our digital service.

Please do not attend the Surgery unless you have a pre-booked appointment. If you have any queries, please phone and speak to our Patient Services team.

You must complete an eConsultation using the ‘Contact your Doctor’s online’ pop up on this page. All eConsultations will be answered within the indicated time on your confirmation email.
We have several clinicians working on this Service at any one time, including working remotely.

If you are unable to access eConsultation, please telephone the surgery and you will be asked by a member of our Patient Services Team a number of screening questions as to why you are calling including which GP you may have recently seen. You can then book a phone triage call with your preferred GP up to 2 weeks in advance. Please be available when the GP calls; they will only call twice.
We normally give an approximate time in which the call will take place however; a GP may run late occasionally. Please bear with us on this.

For urgent on the day clinical services, we have re-introduced our Urgent Care team. All calls will be triaged by the Urgent Care team and face to face appointments will be booked if necessary.

Patients will be deal with by telephone, SMS (text), video consultations and face to face (if appropriate)

Patients can only attend in person if they have been asked to do so. There will be clear arrangements discussed with you by the clinician as to how we can safely do this.

  • Please listen and make note of when and where you are told to come. There will be no other appointment times offered to you
  • You must come alone (unless bringing a child or you are the carer of the patient attending for the appointment)
  • Arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. There will be strict control on access and we will ensure social distancing is adhered to
  • Please notify our Patient Services Team of your arrival
  • You must wear a face covering when entering the surgery and for the
    duration of your appointment as per government guidelines
  • You may wait outside or in your car to be called instead of sitting in our waiting room
  • Specimens when brought to the surgery must be handed in person to a member of staff as clinical details will need to be checked. Pre-arranged appointments will still go ahead.

These essential appointments include but are not limited to, child immunisations, postnatal checks, management of cancer diagnosis and treatment, INR testing, cervical screening, wound dressings and urgent blood tests. Please speak to reception if you are unsure.

Some of our clinics will be run out in our car park. It is safer for both patients and staff. INR testing can be done through the car window.

If you are requesting a referral, this will also be triaged by the receiving Consultant and after reviewing the GP letter, may not result in a face to face appointment.
If you have any queries relating to an existing, cancelled or deferred referral, please contact our secretaries.

All prescriptions are converted to our electronic prescription service. You should collect your prescription directly from your nominated pharmacy. All prescription requests should be made online. See our prescriptions section on our website for how to do this

We appreciate that you may be feeling anxious and frustrated by the change to services.
Please bear in mind that our Patient Service Team and clinicians are working in an extremely challenging environment and are working above and beyond to ensure that all patients in need are looked after and kept safe.

Your understanding and patience is much appreciated and valued.

To review/download our COVID-19 patient letter, click here

You can complete a self-isolation form which can be given to your employers via: https://111.nhs.uk/isolation-note/


The Surgery will not be providing GP letters as proof of a medical condition in order to self-isolate or for employers.  You can access your medical records via the NHS app or EMIS Access.

We are all doing our best to help you during these unchartered times and are working as hard as we can.  We adopt a zero tolerance approach and will not be subject to any abuse.