If you have received a request from us to provide a BP reading, this is simply to keep your medical record up to date and to help us to identify patients who may have undiagnosed high/low blood pressure.

It is not compulsory and is not urgent, but the link you were sent will expire in 7 days.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the Recalls Team on 01252 545078, Option 4



Appointments are precious, and a valuable resource of the NHS. We would hope that the request and use of appointments, by our patients, is both considered and appropriate for the problem at hand.

We offer face to face and telephone appointments for routine problems, up to 4 weeks in advance. We also offer medical advice via our online consultation system (E-consult). For emergency conditions and acute medical problems, we offer appointments through our Urgent Care Centre.

Appointments are available throughout the day, during our opening hours, and can be booked by telephone, in person at the reception desk or online (limited in number). Please select one of the below appointment types, to get the best suited help on time.