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If you are registering for the NHS App, we will need to see you and your proof of ID

**Online appointment booking has been temporarily disabled**

The NHS App is an NHS England programme designed to support GP practices to offer and promote online services to patients, including access to coded information in records, appointment booking and ordering of repeat prescriptions.

Patient Online – information about GP online services

The NHS App enables you to do the following online (or via a smartphone app):

  • Book appointment
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Update your contact details (address, phone numbers etc)
  • Access your full electronic GP record securely online

This facility is free, both to the surgery and to patients.

You can logon and use online GP services on a computer, tablet or via a smartphone app, freely downloadable for Android and iOS.

  • Help with the NHS App

    If you are an existing Online Services user e.g. you already have Patient Access, you can generate your linkage keys from the application and use this to verify yourself on the NHS App and link to our Surgery.

From the Patient Access website:

  • Go to Home Screen
  • Select Your Profile from the top right corner
  • Select View Profile
  • From the bottom part of the page choose My Practice

Your codes will appear:

  • Practice ODS Code = J82067
  • Account ID
  • Account Linkage Key

From the Patient Access Mobile App:

  • Start by selecting More from the bottom menu bar
  • Then, from the top choose View Profile

Click My Account and scroll to the bottom, where you will see your Account Linkage details, these are the codes required

For all other NHS APP related queries, please contact NHS App help directly

NHS App Help

What information can I see?

You can potentially have access to your full electronic GP record including consultations, medication, allergies, vaccinations, GP and hospital letters, blood test results and x-ray/scan reports.

You are also able to check the results of any blood tests or x-rays requested by your GP, download them, print them off at home, take them to hospital appointments etc.

You are then able to show your GP record, if you wish, to any healthcare professional that you might see, anywhere in the world (e.g. in a GP out-of-hours centre, A&E department or hospital), directly, or by permitting secure temporary access, or by exporting your record to a secure mobile device.

Whether you have these facilities enabled or not will not affect your care from the surgery – it is simply an additional benefit that is on offer.

Access Medical Records

If you require access to your medical records, you must have already signed up and activated your account for online access. Please contact us via telephone or using our General Enquiry page for access to your additional records.

If you would like to give permission to someone else to access your medical records/speak on behalf of you, please fill out the Consent to share form below.

 16+ NHS App Application

Proxy access for NHS App (not available for age 11-15)

If you are looking to enable online access for someone under the age of 16, or as a “proxy” on behalf of someone aged 16+, please fill out the Proxy Access form above.

If you would like any further information about any of the different ways by which you can make information from your GP record available to healthcare professionals outside of the GP surgery, then please do contact the surgery’s Data Protection Officer/Caldicott Guardian / Information Governance lead: Dr Glen Micklethwaite