Patient Feedback

We are always grateful to receive feedback from our patients!

October 2020

“In a world where everybody seems to be angry and shouting about their rights, can I commend Lisa and George for going above and beyond the call of duty when I attended my INR appointment.  In highly inclement conditions those two girls, all PPEd up and wearing extra waterproof clothing, took my blood test in such a cheerful and happy manner.  They were such a splendid example of care and commitment.
As too is Helen – another star.  Twice recently I have phoned the surgery to make enquiries and on each occasion spoken with Helen.  She gave me time and dealt with my questions in a kindly manner, didn’t rush me and followed through with my enquiries.  She is such an asset to you as  a frontline person and represents the practice in an excellent way.
I am so grateful to these three ladies for their kindness, efficiency and care.

I am aware of course that there are other members of staff and everyone is part of a team and I have experienced that team work on many occasions but somehow I needed to recognise the recent care I have received.”