Services & Clinics

The practice believes in promoting better health, by advocating a healthy lifestyle, and by helping to prevent disease in the first place, and also by reducing the risk of complications in pre-existing disease.

Here are ways in which we can help:

Child Development
The practice is involved in monitoring the development and welfare of young children.  The Health Visitors visit shortly after a baby has arrived home, and they will co-ordinate clinics etc.  The baby’s own doctor will perform an examination in the surgery at about 6-8 weeks old, prior to the vaccination programme. The Health Visitors run regular drop in Clinics in the area and can be contacted 0300 121 1575.

Childhood Immunisation
The practice runs its own immunisation clinics and children will be recalled to these at the appropriate time. The practice nurses will personally give the injections.

Maternity Care
The practice carefully monitors the health of all pregnant mothers.  As soon as you are pregnant you will need to complete a Maternity notification form by clicking here

Most women will these days do a home pregnancy test which is extremely reliable. So long as the pregnancy is uncomplicated you will be cared for largely by the midwife team, led by a Community Midwife.  We work closely with our local hospital, Frimley Park, and scans are carried out at 12 and 20 weeks to detect the risk of Downs Syndrome and spina bifida, as well as other abnormalities.  The idea of ‘team midwifery’ is that you will hopefully be delivered by a familiar professional.  Any medical problems are assessed by your own doctor and you will have a post-natal examination about 6 weeks after examination, in the surgery.

Frimley Park Midwives have an email address for patients to contact them on.
Please use the email for appointments/Mat B1 certificates and general queries that are not urgent.

Adult Vaccinations
Including an influenza programme starting in September each year and Pneumovax for protection against pneumococcal pneumonia

We also run the following Clinics:

Cardiovascular Clinic
Those patients with high blood pressure, angina or a stroke, are followed up closely by their doctor or nurse.

Asthma Clinic
All asthmatics are recalled at least once a year.  Their condition is assessed and the nurse is trained to improve inhaler technique.