24 Hour ECG Service at Voyager

Voyager Family Health is now running the 24hr ECG Service on behalf of the Farnborough Primary Care Network.

Your GP in Farnborough may decide that you need to monitor your heart for 24hours including whilst you are asleep.

They will raise a referral and send to the 24hr ECG Service at Voyager Family Health to action.
You the patient, will receive a call from the Admin Team at Voyager, who will book you in to have the device fitted with one of our Clinicians at Farnborough Centre for Health.

How to get to Voyager Family Health

We are in Farnborough, Hampshire, on Apollo Rise under the postcode GU14 0NP. When approaching from the A327, if you come up the left entrance to the road (as indicated by the dotted line) you will find us on your right at the corner of the road. Parking is at the rear of the building and the entrance to this is indicated by a red arrow on the map below.

Things to know before your appointment:

You will be required to wear the device for at least 24 full hours from the moment it is fitted. A HCA will set it up for you, and the next day you can manually take it off yourself and drop it into the reception at the surgery.

In order to ensure the device gets accurate readings and is about to perform its job to the correct standards, please ensure you adhere to the following points:

  • Don’t get it wet. You will not be able to take a shower during the 24 hours this device operates, so it is recommended to take one the night before you get this fitted.
  • Do not disconnect it until it has taken a full 24-hour reading.
  • Only perform normal activities during the 24 hours of wearing the device. For example, if you normally go for a jog, you can do so, but if you usually don’t, do not.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes with a belt or a secure pocket so that the device has a safe place to be kept on your person.
  • We recommend wearing a sports or unwired bra as this will improve comfort while using the device.
  • Wear the device overnight, under your pillow.
  • If you are experiencing an episode (e.g., palpitations) pressing the yellow or green button marks an event on the recording.

What to do when you arrive:

When you arrive at the surgery, please approach Reception and tell them that you have arrived for a ECG fitting, you will not be able to use the self-check in screens.
Reception will book you in and notify the Clinician of your arrival. You will then be sent to the waiting room.

The building has several different waiting areas.
ECG patients will be using the ‘Lime Green’ one. You can find this by following the lime green lines painted on the wall in the corridors. Below is a picture showing an example of this. You can also find a simplified map showing the location of the waiting room these lines will take you to.

If you find yourself confused on where to go, the staff on Reception will happily show you the way.

The waiting room contains a television, which will display your name and room number when you are called for your appointment. Alternatively, the Clinician may come to collect you.

The Fitting Procedure:

The fitting procedure will be very straight forward and shouldn’t take longer than about 10 minutes. The HCA will begin the appointment by confirming your details and answering any of your questions.

They will then ask you to lift your top so that they can stick three different electrodes to different areas of your chest. They may shave your chest if necessary. You shouldn’t experience any discomfort but please let the HCA know if you do.

The device will be connected and clipped to your belt or placed in a pocket. The HCA will go over using the device again.

After 24 Hours:

You can remove the device yourself after 24 hours have passed. To do this disconnect the device from the electrodes and peel them off, dispose of the stickers in your bin.

Please return the device to Voyager Family Health Reception within 24 hours, ensuring that you provide your name and date of birth, so that we can accurately record the return and allow our administration team to download and send off the readings to Frimley Park Hospital.

Once Frimley Park Hospital have your readings, they will analyse and then write back to your Surgery with the results.
Please do not contact Voyager Family Health for updates about your results. Please contact your surgery if you require an update.

If you can’t make your appointment:

If you can’t make your appointment for any reason, please call the Surgery on 01252 545078, option 7 from 9:00-16:00 to rebook.