Annual Reviews for Long-Term Conditions

When you are diagnosed with a long-term condition, we will add you to our register for that specific condition.

Every year you will be sent an invitation for a review to help you control your condition.
This may be just a blood test and BP check, asked to complete a questionnaire or both.

Please note that due to COVID, some of these reviews were suspended throughout 2020-2021

From the 1st April, we will send out invitations to patients during the month of their birth for the long-term conditions below:

Asthma (Questionnaire Only)
COPD (Questionnaire Only)
Diabetes (Blood test, foot check, urine sample, & questionnaire)
Hyptertension (High Blood Pressure – Blood test and montitor blood pressure for a week)
Learning Disability (Blood test + Face to Face review)
Mental Health (Blood test)
Pre-Diabetes (Blood test only)
Chronic Heart Disease (Blood test only)
Chronic Kidney Disease (Blood test only)
Hear Failure (Blood test only)
Stroke/TIA (Blood test only)
On Thyroxine medication.
(Blood test only)

Your invitation will tell you if you need to fill out a questionnaire via our weblink and/or to book a blood test/foot check if appropriate for your condition.

Invitations are sent via our messaging system (MJOG) as a text or in the post.
If you have the MJOG smart phone app, you will receive a notification through this app.

Please note: You will only be able to download the invitation via text if you have a smart phone. If you do not have an internet ready device (smart phone, tablet or computer), please let us know and we will send you your questionnaire in the post.

Once you have had the necessary blood tests taken,  and where necessary have completed your questionnaire, your condition(s) will be reviewed and you will be informed of the outcome.

If you have any questions or are not able to complete the questionnaire online, please telephone the surgery  after 11am Monday to Friday and ask to speak to a member of the Recall Team.

To enable us to complete your  long term condition(s) review we must have the relevant blood test results and a completed questionnaire.