Transport Options:

Patients wishing to make the journey between the Farnborough Road and Summit Avenue sites include:

  • The Stagecoach number 9 bus, 
  • Dial-a-Ride (01252 518090)
    Dial a Ride operate two local door-to-door bus services using buses which have been specially adapted with handrails, low steps and wheelchair lifts. These are ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to use the ordinary bus service.

    The service is available to anyone who has a mobility or sensory impairment which means that they are unable to, or experience difficulty or discomfort in, using bus services.

    It is not necessary to be registered as disabled. You might, for instance, have difficulty walking to the bus stop either temporarily or due to a longer-term issue. We can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters too.

    please note that you need to have registered for this service before you can use it. Please complete and return this form to Dial a Ride

  • Farnborough Neighbour Care (01252 371199) There may be a small charge for you to use this service